We have put our experience as Master Distillers at the disposal of great ideas. We like to collaborate with companies around the world which share our values, expectations and passion for handcrafted spirits.

In each of these projects, we responded to the client’s needs with our know-how and our characteristic attention to detail.

SANTAMANÍA and Cervezas La Virgen

At our distillery in Las Rozas, our neighbours are real craft brewers – the folk at Crevezas La Virgen. It was inevitable: we both wanted to create a unique and original product that would combine features of beer and vodka.

We distilled some of La Virgen’s finest beers, mixing the elements at different temperatures and alcohol proofs. Trial and error and a good sense of humour – which we intent to hold onto – led to something unique.


The people at NJORD, a Danish distillery whose philosophy we share 100%, came to us to help solve what they couldn’t achieve technically themselves: launching a gin with a touch of southern Europe to it.

With them, we mixed ingredients and aromas from Denmark such as dandelion, wild herbs and red berries, and Spain – orange blossom, rosemary, thyme and orange. We ended up with a unique spirit that is delicate and very different. It’s called United Natures Gin. Handcrafted, natural and pure R+D.

SANTAMANÍA and Malayerba

As aficionados of good taste and all things classic, the Malayerba barber’s shop appealed to us from the word go. It’s an old-style business, harking back to times when we did things calmly, professionally and carefully, but it’s also tailored to modern times. They believe in natural, native products and we agree 100%. From this unusual partnership, a great gin was born. Light, dry and with a very special botanical flavour featuring fresh thyme, basil and rosemary. A toning, stimulating option.

SANTAMANÍA and Four Pillars

Four Pillars and SANTAMANÍA both came into being around the same time, and we both opted for a quality handcrafted production process. This can be seen in their manual selection of ingredients and absolute respect for the end-product, which is made using only carefully selected, 100% natural ingredients. Twin distilleries on either side of the globe. We mixed Australian ingredients such as wild tomato, lemon myrtle and other exotic spices and fruits with typical Spanish ingredients such as oranges, almonds and olives.

SANTAMANÍA and Singular Spirits

Singular Spirits needed a gin and a vodka that were different: characterful, but above all high quality. They were very clear about the type of bottle and story behind the distilling ideas they had in mind, but they needed real Master Distillers and copper stills in order to make it happen. At SANTAMANÍA we found the perfect formula for a gin that used botanicals that were out of the ordinary – sweet potato and pumpkin seeds – alongside other more usual ones such as violets and verbena. The vodka is also very pure, thanks to Lola and Vera.


Ximé has a catalogue of exclusive products that they wanted to complete with a London Dry Din and a Vodka, both distilled in copper.

Using 100% natural ingredients, as always, SANTAMANIA designed a formula for their London Dry gin that featured lemongrass and a balanced amount of the finest juniper. The gin is grain-based and the vodka is made from a blend of grain and grape alcohol, which provides a characteristic unctuosity to this original spirit.

SANTAMANÍA and Despensa de Palacio

Despensa de Palacio confectionary is one of the best in Spain.

Destilería SANTAMANÍA makes spirits, but not macerated liqueurs. This subtle difference means that the final product is nothing like the chocolate or cocoa liqueurs available on the market. This cocoa spirit project required a great deal of study. Cocoa and alcohol, in the right proportion and with the right timing and hydrated with the finest possible mineral water. SANTAMANÍA developed an outstanding formula and process, using a basic ingredient supplied by Despensa de Palacio.

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