DESTILERÍA SANTAMANÍA is designed to take on third-party projects as well as our own. Our flexibility, size and experience make us the ideal choice if you want to produce a special spirit to enhance your portfolio, give a stylish touch to your corporate image, or take the first step in testing a market niche.

Your own idea, distilled

Why distil at SANTAMANÍA? Because we are MASTER DISTILLERS. At SANTAMANÍA we combine experience and knowhow with state-of-the-art stills, giving a stamp of excellence to the end-product. The stills are unique. We designed them ourselves to combine traditional distilling techniques with cutting-edge technology. So we can guarantee a process that we control from start to finish, getting the best from each raw material.

What do we make?

At SANTAMANÍA we mainly produce vodka, aromatic vodka, gin, rum and distilled fruit liqueur. We also make aged varieties of all the above. If you have a different and interesting idea, we love to work on new challenges.

We only do genuine craft distilling

SANTAMANÍA only makes handcrafted spirits, either under our own brand or for third parties. This means we use only 100% natural ingredients, with no additives, and we distil in our own copper stills, always in small batches.

Want to distil a unique spirit?

SANTAMANÍA has already been involved in a variety of successful projects. We can undertake entire turnkey projects, or we can adapt and just carry out the part of the process you need. We also handle the production side of things (formulas, bottle design etc.). Our team is fully trained in management and consultancy and can help make your idea a success.

We work on projects involving over 1.500 bottles.