SANTAMANIIA IS AN URBAN DISTILLERY where traditional distilling techniques meet cutting-edge technology, creating signature craft spirits.

In our sophisticated copper stills, we produce CRAFT spirits with genuine quality and exquisite natural raw materials. We don’t use sweeteners, preservatives nor any kind of additives , just carefully selected natural ingredients. This, along with a small-batch distilling process that we control from beginning to end, guarantees that our PASSION FOR DETAIL is reflected in the essence of every signed bottle.

Welcome to SANTAMANÍA, a passion for detail, a unique distillery.


The Founders

Lola and Vera, unique treasures, loyal colleagues

Lola, Vera, Alba and Pepa are the true stars of the distillery. The magical process of turning our most obsessive ideas into reality takes place inside them, fusing the finest tradition with the latest technology.

The stills were custom-designed for SANTAMANÍA to suit our sophisticated distilling process. But they are much more than just stills. These sophisticated and precise pieces of engineering were made by one of the oldest and most prestigious still-makers in the world, Germany’s CARL Distilleries and Brewhouses.

Like a clock measuring the seconds with absolute precision, our stills carefully process each drop, making art in every bottle of SANTAMANÍA.
Because for the best formula, you need fine ingredients. But you also need the very best tools.

Our obsessions


We are authentic, legitimate. We don’t get distracted by fashions or trends. Our products have an essence of their own, and we stand out from others by being true to ourselves in our work. We look for the best of everything.


We are good at what we do, which is why we want to make it known. We have nothing to hide, because everything involved in our products and operation is the very best. We want everyone to know what we are doing. Because we’re proud of it.


We like to do things right, taking care of the details and spending time on what matters. Which is why we select our raw materials with care and pay attention to the production process. Our stills are unique, we take care of the customer experience, and we know our bottles contain something very special. We seek excellence.


Our products are the result of research and a constant wish to go one step further. We focus on innovation, looking for new and better ways to do things. We like challenges, new flavours, launching bold projects and conquering new markets. We don’t like to stand still. We’re a truly urban distillery.


Our distillery is unique in Spain. It’s not only a unique manufacturing plant, it also has a large, comfortable and stylish area for events, with our wonderful copper stills as the backdrop. There are several options available to corporate and private clients. You can simply reserve the space for talks or meetings or organize any other kind of event, including our tastings and master classes.

Minimum number of guests: 30 people.

For more information, get in touch with us at

The art of creating treasure in a bottle