This SANTAMANÍA limited edition is the epitome of our passion for perfection: Gin with a capital “G”. Stronger, very intense in flavour, rich aromas, and fragrances heightened by outstanding grape alcohol.

A truly handcrafted spirit: classically distilled in Vera, one of our sophisticated copper stills, in this case, the alcohol spends far more time in copper, because we use the fragmentation column. The still works for over 8 hours, during which time the plates in the column “re-distil” endlessly, until we obtain a sublimely rounded alcohol with a 92% level of purity. To reach an alcohol content of 43%, the mineral water is added in stages, allowing the mixture to rest. Once the correct proportion has been reached, the spirit rests for over a month before being bottled.

Distilled in very small batches of no more that 250 bottles it is indeed an ultra-premium gin.


Fresh juniper, coriander, orris and angelica root, toasted pistachio with other much more surprising and delicate such as the very unique spanish saffron.


• On the nose, LEYENDA offers up the subtle and expected combination of citrus notes and a hint of spice, reminiscent of cardamom.
• On the palate, the gin has a strikingly powerful freshness, with liquorice notes appearing alongside distinctive juniper notes that hint at bitterness but in fact provide a pleasantly rounded flavour, with touches of pepper and coriander. Some say the finish has an agreeable aftertaste of red berries.